D Is Also For...Deliveries!

D Is Also For...Deliveries!

19 Apr 2020

Are you a second home owner needing to ship items to your home in the Alpes? 

During the season and the inter season we take deliveries for our property management clients. Whether your parcel is a small items like a replacement door handle or a larger parcel such as a replacement hot tub lid, we can take it for you. We then will deliver it to your chalet or hold it for you in storage until you request it. 

If you are a management client of ours and would like to send something but are unsure of the procedure please get in touch and we can help! 

We treat all parcels with care. They are kept safe and locked away or dropped to your chalet immediately on receiving. If your parcel contains household items that need to be put away or even need a maintenance man to deal with them, why not tag our maintenance service on to our delivery storage option and have the job finished before you arrive next! 

This is one our most popular add on services and many customers feel confident enough to use it on a regular basis. 

Send your parcels the #total way! 

If you are not a management client but you need to make some important deliveries then please do get in touch - we may be able to help! 

Call us on +33 6 47 94 65 69 or +44 7870 19 11 44

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