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A Is For: Advice

30 Mar 2020
A is for…AdviceWhen we sat down and thought about our A-Z of Total Chalet Services we came up with so many words, thrown into the air by key members o…

B Is Also For...Bread/Breakfast Delivery!

02 Apr 2020
Did you know that at Total Chalet Services we have a breakfast and bread delivery service!? When you arrive for your stay either on holiday or as a se…

B Is For...Bethan!

02 Apr 2020
What Bethan says:I am TCS's General Manager. I am always on hand to answer your questions whether you are already a client, a new client or a member o…

C Is Also For...Concierge Service!

13 Apr 2020
Think of TCS as your 'holiday-fairy godmother!'We know how important enjoying every bit of your holiday is and so don't waste time on the admin! Let u…

C Is For...Chilli Nights!

06 Apr 2020
This season we started a new catering venture that trades under the TCS Umbrella. It has been so exciting and we have loved every minute. We can't wai…

D Is Also For...Deliveries!

19 Apr 2020
Are you a second home owner needing to ship items to your home in the Alpes? During the season and the inter season we take deliveries for our propert…

D Is Also For...Dog Walking!

24 Apr 2020
Do you normally bring your dog with you to your second home or on holiday? It is then an eternal struggle and juggle between you to stay at home with…

D Is For...Dinners Delivered by TCS!

17 Apr 2020
Have you ever heard of our amazing take out service, Dinners Delivered?! Home made food delivered to your doorstep!Dinners Delivered is a branch of ou…

E Is For...Emergency Callout!

03 May 2020
At Total Chalet Services we understand how important holidays are for those renting your chalets. They may have waited all year for this amazing oppor…

F Is For...Flexible!

05 Jul 2020
If there is one thing that Total Chalet Services is, it is flexible! Although we ask that people pre book services where possible, we understand that…

G Is For...Gardening!

06 Jul 2020
Is your garden ready to receive guests this summer? With warm sun and plenty of rain gardens seem to just grow in front of your eyes! Total Chalet Ser…

H Is For...Hot Tubs!

07 Jul 2020
Total Chalet Services started as a predominantly meet and greet and cleaning service.Quickly we noticed that there was a whole host of services that w…