G Is For...Gardening!

G Is For...Gardening!

06 Jul 2020

Is your garden ready to receive guests this summer? 

With warm sun and plenty of rain gardens seem to just grow in front of your eyes! 

Total Chalet Services has a team of experienced gardeners ready and waiting to help with your garden. Hedge work, lawn mowing, weeding of beds or garden clearances - we can help! 

Chalet gardens look absolutely beautiful in the summer and having them tended to is so worth it. Whether you are looking for a basic lawn mowed, hedge trimmed or you would like more particular gardening with shrubs and flowers to be looked after  - we can adapt our service to suit your needs.

For more information on gardening through the warmer months please do contact us on info@totalchaletservices.com or call us on +44 7870 19 11 44 or +33 6 47 94 65 69.

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